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YouTube Star Lionel B Debuts His Own Mobile App Game The Adventures Of Lionel B




The viral star Lionel B from the Lionel B Show is taking his brand to the next level. Get ready to dive into the most adventurous and exciting app and make your jungle journey with The Adventures of Lionel B on Android devices. The welcoming challenge, jungle run and shooting game is with a cute running character named Lionel B.

The character is modeled after the celebrity news personality we all love on Youtube, Lionel B from the Lionel B Show. Packed with thrills, the game is hard to put down after being engulfed in the addictive gameplay. In this intense challenge, you have simple gaming controls to navigate your character. You will find easy touch buttons on the screen for jumping, shooting and moving up and down. You can shoot monsters with the gun or jump through fast paced obstacles. Advance through the jungle and overcome all the monsters or obstacles that come along your way. Stay focused!

When asked about what inspired Lionel B to release his own game, he stated “I’m an 80’s baby, and I was always at the arcades as a youngster and playing Nintendo coming up, the feel of this game…I wanted to bring back those memories to the now generation” said the YouTuber. The game is completely unforgiving, and each new attempt spawns a new map to experiment with. “It’s a challenging experience, and it’s much like life, we’d love a new attempt at a different course, that was also the inspiration for the gameplay” said Lionel. Next the YouTube sensation is in works to develop a totally innovative car racing game, with open world travel and car customizations like we’ve never seen before, think CSR Racing on Steroids!

The Adventures Of Lionel B game is beautifully designed with awesome graphics and fascinating sound effects for user’s to experience the journey, complete with custom soundtrack produced by Lionel B. This game is suited for players of all ages. Put on your gaming hat and score maximum gold coins to help Lionel B buy a new powerful character or a powerful shooting weapon. You can even challenge your friends to beat your high score. Boredom isn’t an option while playing this thrilling adventure game. “The Adventures of Lionel B” ensures that you never get bored when the game is installed on your device.

The game is free to play. Download “The Adventures of Lionel B” game here:

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