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Youngest Serial Entrepreneur Asian – Abdullah Abdullah Mehmood




Life of an entrepreneur is quite difficult and they are frequently hit via a roadblock. Like it or not, constructing your personal empire from the ground up takes every bit of your heart, soul, blood and sweat. Not every individual is fit for the task and 3 out of 5 are unsuccessful. Hard work, a calculative risk taking ability and sheer luck take up most of the plate but the drive and passion is what makes an entrepreneur successful. No amount of genius can make up for hard work. Although it is required. Today we will go down memory lane of an upcoming driven entrepreneur and how he made it to the top of the shelves.

Let’s talk about Asia’s youngest entrepreneur, Abdullah Mehmood who went through thick and thin to get where he is right now. His journey is full of inspiring moments but all this was not given to him in a buffet. He had to work for it and make sacrifices that most of us would not even imagine to do so. There were flaws in his plan too but he picked himself up every time and missed 99 shots. Out of a 100, one trial proved to be beneficial. His one success led him to greater confidence in his abilities and convinced him that he was destined for greatness; not just a boy dreaming too big but a man with a plan. A 13 year old started from facebook, owning and promoting several pages with quite the popularity and when he was 15, he started youtube which embarked him on quite the wild ride. 

He acquired 100k subscribers due to his consistency and family friendly content; he has received the silver play button to prove this. He has said that in his youtube struggle, he face discouragement by his peers who called him cringe and what not. Instead of falling to their petty insults, Abdullah took these harsh statements as guidelines and further improved his content with every video or post uploaded. He took their insults as areas which he could improve on instead of bloating around and give up. This “Never give up” attitude was the key to his success as a youtuber.

Later, he started his own company by the name of Rex media group which deals with bloggers, brands and businesses; promoting and spreading their name in the demographics they fall in. He has showcased great promise in his young age and his drive for success is unmatched for he has not let his passion divert him from obtaining a reputable education. This focus and determination is admirable, many of us aspire to have the guts and willpower to do what our eager Abdullah has done in such a ripe age. We think Abdullah has much more to show us, we are waiting for his upcoming projects and ventures.

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