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Experts Share Money Saving Tips to Follow During Lockdown




Many people are worried about the ongoing pay cuts and financial strain. Everyone wants to do something about it, but until the threat of coronavirus passes over and the economy bounces back to normal, things are going to be hard. In these conditions, it is essential to realize that you can save some money through simple steps. Here are a few money saving tips shared by experts.

The first thing one should do while cutting down costs is to cancel the subscription to streaming services. You don’t have to pay for Netflix or Hotstar to get entertained. One can watch a free channel, and YouTube and even play games for that matter.

Other than not using paid streaming services, one can also cut costs by trying to widen their palate. It means many people spend too much on food because they don’t eat many things, it makes their options scarce, and they have to pay for it. But widening the choices makes it a whole lot easier.

Another tip for spending less is to stop buying things you don’t need now. For example, people are rarely going out now. You don’t need to buy fancy shoes or clothes or luxuries you don’t need. It’s better to invest in the necessary things rather than on luxuries.

Experts also suggested that it’s wise to have a savings account that doesn’t have a credit or debit card attached to it. You won’t be able to spend much money quickly, and you can transfer your savings to that account. It’s incredible how much you can save when you can spend it easily.

These tips are going to help everyone in lockdown because everyone is suffering from the financial crunch. Experts suggest to spend wisely and save as much as you can.

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