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Wearable Technology has Become the Top Fitness Trend




The sedentary life that we lead has led to collective deterioration of health. People are getting aware of it and are getting off their sofa and actively doing something about it. To people who are immensely active and love to exercise, wearable technology is like a blessing.

We are witnessing many fitness bands and wristwatches that are doing the job of fitness trackers. There are smartwatches for cycling on that people are going gaga for. People who work out regularly like to keep tabs on how much calories they burnt. We all are always excited to be rewarded for our efforts. That’s one of the main reasons why people live wearing fitness trackers.

Fitness trackers are just one drop in the bucket. There are next-gen fabrics, some of which monitor your heart rate, breathing, and physical exertion levels, which are getting popular among fitness enthusiasts.

All these wearable seem trendy and helpful because they inspire people to get up and exercise and get fit. However, even though people are excited about wearables at first soon, the excitement dies out. It is like a jew year resolution that is put in the back burner.

One in every 10 Americans owns a fitness tracker, but less than half of them use it now. It is because the initial excitement fades out as it does with all the gadgets. However, it does not mean that people are going to stop buying wearables. It is still one of the most significant trends of fitness, and fitness freaks are always up to add some new wearable to their collection.

Zhenyu Li, Ph.D., assistant professor in biomedical engineering at The George Washington University in Washington, DC said that even though people are aware that good food, and exercise leads to better health, they don’t follow it. These devices cannot still change people’s behavior.

Sharon was always fascinated by the workings of the human body and for her, nothing was better than being a health news journalist. By creating news pieces for the latest happenings in the world of human health, Sharon aims to create awareness among the readers to help them include better and healthy options in their daily lifestyle.

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