Young CEO and Digital Marketing Expert Shares How She Found Purpose in Helping Others Win

Many professionals in the coaching industry learned their tricks from books or by listening to their fellow coaches. But Alexa D’Agostino, PhD, gained her knowledge through the best teacher of all: experience. The entrepreneur, digital marketer, and business coach has led the hustling lifestyle for as long as she can remember. At eighteen, Alexa founded her first marketing agency and managed to sell it for millions in 2014. Years later, she’s still ahead of her game.

Alexa D’Agostino is the founder and CEO of Marketing by Modification, a company dedicated to helping business owners find their niche and formulate cost-effective and efficient marketing strategies to boost their companies to greater heights. Beginning her journey at a young age, Alexa has learned a lot. She is a digital nomad, making her and her company more than capable of connecting brands with the younger market. Alexa leverages on her experiences as an entrepreneur to understand her clients better and invest time listening to what they truly need to succeed.

Marketing by Modification offers various programs. Among them, the Passion to CEO coaching program is what Alexa D’Agostino is most proud of. To echo the CEO’s words, “Passion to CEO is an intensive coaching program to empower entrepreneurs to learn the skills they need to scale their business.” The four-month masterclass includes an online course teaching top growth secrets. It also provides students with one-on-one coaching opportunities focusing on the company’s six pillars of success: mindset, personal branding, content creation, sales funnels, lead generation, and sales.

With digital marketing tools growing in number by the minute, it can become overwhelming for business owners, especially those who are new to entrepreneurship. But Alexa D’Agostino and her team ensure that their clients are provided with the necessary tools to maximize their digital marketing opportunities and leverage the digital space for business growth. It may never be an easy pursuit to help entrepreneurs reach their six to seven-figure incomes. Still, Alexa is determined to prove how digital marketing can make all the difference.

“We have created a mastermind focusing on the intensive coaching that combines group coaching with one-on-one coaching, all wrapped up in a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs,” shared Alexa D’Agostino proudly. Despite being relatively younger than most CEOs in her field, Alexa is confident that she and her company will be able to leave a permanent mark in digital marketing by letting their clients’ success speak for their legacy. 

Despite what others may perceive about her success, Alexa D’Agostino shared that her journey was never easy. She juggled school and entrepreneurship when she pursued her first venture in 2014 and later on sold her successful business to find her purpose. Alexa knew that her passion was in helping other people succeed in their lives and so, she went on to obtain a Ph.D. to be qualified to teach and lead entrepreneurs. Today, she feels fulfilled knowing that her passion has played a pivotal role in others, and she aims to continue doing so in the years to come. “My goal is to help 1,000 entrepreneurs create the business of their dreams,” said Alexa.

To learn more about Alexa D’Agostino and the Passion to CEO coaching program, visit their website.

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