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World Renowned DJ Mary Anne Hobbs Shout-Outs Artist/Producer/Actor Revelation 13:18




The world famous DJ Mary Anne Hobbs has thrown light on Revelation 13:18 Old School feat. Jean-Michel Basquiat. The English DJ and music journalist from Lancashire, England took a trip to the Bodes museum in Berlin taking pictures of African Mangaaka a 19th century spiritual figure from Central Africa, beloved of Basquiat along with standing next to David Bowie’s personal Basquiat painting Air Power (1984) giving Revelation and his Revelation 13:18 x Basquiat Brand a shout out via her Twitter page. On her BBC Radio 6 Music show in the United Kingdom, she has talked about Revelation 13:18 Old School feat. Jean-Michel Basquiat breaking the record for her listeners to hear.

Artist/Producer/Actor Revelation 13:18 is set to star in Hollywood Afrikans Film and releasing his debut conscious rap album Hollywood Afrikans LP. The project is inspired by Basquiat’s 1983 painting Hollywood Africans. Since the release of his single Old School feat. Jean-Michel Basquiat he has been busy working on various projects with his Revelation 13:18 x Basquiat brand receiving praise and attention from Jay-Z and  inspiring the Basquiat Broadway Musical composed by Jon Batista with Tony winner Jon Doyle.

DJ Mary Anne Hobbs has highlighted Revelation 13:18 x Basquiat being the first DJ to do so showing her love for hip hop and creative artist like Revelation. Revelation’s Hollywood Afrikans LP is paying tribute to the New Afrikan movement showing his social consciousness with the album being based on social issues that Basquiat touched on in all his paintings. In Hollywood Afrikans all the description of Revelation’s life has been given in poetic rap style to throw light on important social issues of adversity.

All the important issues such as education, gang culture, mass incarceration, addiction, mental health, religious incertitude etc. are mentioned in Hollywood Afrikans. Revelation is producing this album under his Lifestyle Brand Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding, Inc. targeting at-risk youth.

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