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Handmade Copper Tiles from My Metal Craft is Changing the Homes of People




My Metal Craft is offering an artistic background to the homes of the people. It is offering metal wall tiles, and the great thing about it is that the tiles are handcrafted. It makes the tiles beautiful and one of a kind. The tiles change the look of the kitchen or even the fireplace. The metallic look of the tiles gives homes an old fashioned charm.

In a world of mass production, My Metal Craft makes sure every home looks unique. All those who desire to style their home differently can head over to My Metal Craft and have a look at the individual pieces of tiles. The upside of using metal tiles in homes is the more they age, the better they look.

Unlike marble or other stone tiles, metals age, and look luxurious and elegant over time. My metal craft offers tiles in various designs, like Accent Artisan, Celtic, Mosaic, Rustic, Wood look. Their production isn’t limited to wall tiles, but they also offer other handcrafted products. They provides products like kitchen accessories, house signs, metal tiles, backsplashes, and even beautifully crafted mirror frames.

Anyone who is looking to give their home a makeover, can add these stunning pieces by My Metal Craft. It will make their home look high end and even posh. The price range of different products varies. It also depends on the material of the product. A standard set of two hand made copper tiles costs $75, and a set of 20 costs $425. There are also other materials like brass, nickel, and even stainless steel.

An addition of handmade metal tile by My Metal Craft to a home will add a new edge to it.

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