Follow Your Professional and Personal Passion—A Message to Women in Business from Cindy Monroe

Do you dream of combining your passion for business with your desire to make an impact on others’ lives? Over 20 years ago, Cindy Monroe was driven by that same mission, and she’s not only proven that it’s possible, but she’s dedicated to lending her expertise to help others do the same. 

From the heart of Chattanooga, Tennessee, emerges the inspiring story of Cindy. It was there in her basement that she founded Thirty-One Gifts, which would soon flourish into one of America’s leading direct-selling companies with as many as 100,000 sales consultants in the U.S. and Canada and nearly $800 million in sales. 

Launched in 2003, this wasn’t just another business for Cindy; it was her calling. She envisioned a platform where women could earn an income, advance in leadership, and have the flexibility to succeed at both work and home. 

Consider this: recent data reveals that women own a massive 42% of all U.S. businesses. That’s significant progress! But even with these strides, women still encounter unique hurdles in business. Many female entrepreneurs find it challenging to find connections, apply for loans, handle fear of failure, and ask for help. 

Having faced many of these challenges herself, Cindy is passionate about guiding and supporting other women on their entrepreneurial paths. She is more than just a savvy business leader. She’s a genuine advocate for women in the business world.

Cindy’s dedication to fostering female leadership isn’t limited to her role as founder and CEO at Thirty-One Gifts. She’s also a professional mentor for female entrepreneurs at Her podcast, Permission to Lead, shares top advice from leading entrepreneurs and C-suite experts. 

Her book, “More than a Bag,” tells the story of Thirty-One’s first 20 years. It’s not just a business tale; it’s packed with lessons and insights for budding entrepreneurs. She also opens up about the challenges and setbacks with revenue growth, staffing, and operations she’s encountered along the way, again in an effort to guide future female entrepreneurs.

You’ll also find Cindy actively engaging with a diverse community on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, where she imparts actionable business and leadership strategies.

Cindy’s accolades, such as Columbus Business First’s 40 under 40, Fast 50, and her induction into the Columbus Business First Deal Makers Hall of Fame are not just personal achievements. They serve as a reminder of the potential that lies within every woman, waiting to be unlocked.

Cindy Monroe’s journey from starting a business in her basement to becoming a celebrated entrepreneur and author is not just a narrative of personal success. It serves as a pathway for many women navigating the business world, and Cindy is devoted to helping other women flourish in whatever professional and personal endeavors they choose.

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