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Why Men’s Athleisure Is the Newest Trend




Emerging fashion trends are an ever-evolving door. Athleisure for men is one of the hottest to infiltrate magazines, clothing stores, and popular culture. What exemplifies American history of past time athletic and leisure activities more than the classic Men’s Polo? Or Boat Shoes? Athleisure is a modern take on classic athletic-wear with style and function in mind.

Why do men choose athleisure?

Crafted with sleek materials that allow for freedom in bodily movement, items are ideal for daily transitions from business meetings to hitting the gym after work. The cuts and styles of the garments flatter the body while also disguising areas that may need a little extra work. The fabrics are always breathable, wicking sweat during a morning rush to a meeting. Items may also be layered and mix-and-match well with one another for endless options of outfits or looks. Athleisure has the ability to disguise any man as an athlete.

Wearing athleisure creates a persona for men that tells the story of being serious about physical and personal wellness. Athleisure creates an heir of success in the personal and professional lives of men. The idea around this emerging persona, symbolized by athleisure, is that personal well-being is just as important and can even enhance the business/corporate persona. The fantasy of success that is created by this persona is measured by a high performance at work as well as career advancement. Who wouldn’t be inspired by the feeling of freedom to tackle the work-day after crushing a workout?

In 2020, with work at home becoming increasingly commonplace, Athleisure is booming as the new uniform for many men. It is a style that lends itself to feeling put-together while in the home, and at the same time allowing for more spacial freedom than typical office or work uniforms. Additionally, men are able to enjoy typical work at home spaces, whether their home office consists of a  traditional set-up or is located on the couch. As a result of the trend of athleisure in the workplace, corporate America is rapidly becoming an acceptable place to don athletic looks.

Athleisure is not just for work or working out. Men are now wearing this look for almost any occasion. Athleisure is the sought after uniform for every-day life, whether you are running errands, grabbing a coffee, or meeting friends for dinner and drinks. There is no longer the need to consider outfits for transitions throughout daily activities. Athleisure has successfully removed the mental load and necessity to consider how one looks, or appropriateness of attire, for most day-to-day activities. Athleisure has in part removed another task or source of stress for men with busy schedules.

Athleisure is affordable.

Men can find pieces to curate their own athleisure-esque collection from most major retailers. Clothing advertisements everywhere are pushing style and comfort as the ultimate goal in fashion. Almost all clothing lines have now added athletic and leisure-wear to their repertoire.  For larger bank accounts, men can add pieces from popular designers. Luckily, the fabric choices amongst athleisure-wear designers do not differ significantly from smaller to larger retailers. Men can mix affordable items with more expensive items to create the illusion of high-end outfits.

What makes athleisure so popular? The newest trend in clothing for men is successfully transforming how the world at large interprets fashion. It is much easier for the every-day man to become hip and stylish, all thanks to the boom in athleisure. Its comfort, accessibility, and influence on the general population and working world have created a new way for men to express themselves personally and professionally. Athleisure is the answer for the man with a booming career and a busy schedule.

Sharon was always fascinated by the workings of the human body and for her, nothing was better than being a health news journalist. By creating news pieces for the latest happenings in the world of human health, Sharon aims to create awareness among the readers to help them include better and healthy options in their daily lifestyle.

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