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Looking for the best hand rolled blunts on the block?  Look no further. Yes, at Packwoods we dont just supply the hottest 420 merchandise , but the highest quality flower to boot. You can find your favorite Packwoods products at a licensed dispensary in California, Nevada, Michigan, and Washington state.

Now if you need help finding which dispensaries have Packwoods products in stock, head over to our Store Locations page on There, youll find the store locator where you can easily input your address to find the nearest dispensaries laced with all-new strains of Packarillos, Packwoods pre-rolls, top-shelf eighths of premium quality flower,  and our latest Cookies collaborations.

Coming to a dispensary near you! Learn more information on Packwoods on WeedMaps, Emjay Delivery, and A Proper High. Packwoods is a Los Angeles based company only committed to a top-shelf smoking experience.

The Best Hand Rolled Blunts in the USA

Packwoods provides cannabis connoisseurs around the U.S. with the best hand rolled blunts known to man. Always crafted using premium flower and the highest-quality ingredients, the full array of Packwoods smokeables include Packwoods hand-rolled blunts, Packarillos, and exclusive Packs of flower eighths.

Its no wonder Packwoods has some of the most potent collaborations in the game including drops with Sherbinskis, Cookies, Runtz, GasHouse, and Big Als Exotics. Stay tuned for the next legendary Packwoods collabs featuring flower from Berners Lemonade strain.

Every cannabis aficionado knows Packwoods are a staple.  Each Packwood blunt is infused with Nugrun sauce and dusted in kief, making Packwoods a potent crowd favorite. You can officially find Packwoods products in select retailers in California, Nevada, Washington, and Michigan like Have A Heart, MedMen, and The Artist Tree. 

To find dispensaries near you with the Packwoods x Cookies collaboration, visit

Finally, Cookies & Berners Newest Packwoods Collab is Available in California

The Packwoods team is excited to announce our latest collab between Berners Cookies and Packwoods. Packwoods x Cookies infused pre-rolls are now available in select California dispensaries including Cookies Melrose, Cookies  Oakland, and Cookies Maywood.

Try each of the 5 new blunt strains, rolled with the highest quality flower from Cookies. Cookies is the top international lifestyle and cannabis brand bringing its line of proprietary genetics from California to Barcelona, Spain. Famous for their high-terpene and cannabinoid profiles, Cookiesarsenal of legendary strains include Gary Payton, Cereal Milk, Pink Rozay (Made for rick Ross, Georgia Pie, and Grenadine pair perfectly with our signature Packwoods hand-rolled blunts.

Each Packwoods x Cookies infused pre-roll contains two grams of hand broken flower, high potency Nugrun Sauce, all rolled up in a 100% tobacco free Packwraps with our engineered glass filter finish.

P.S. Dont forget to try our Packwoods Roll Your Own Kit including Berners newest VIBES papers.

To find dispensaries near you with the Packwoods x Cookies collaboration, visit

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