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What Has Allan Miles Been Up To?




Meet The Man Who Started A Fitness Empire

Allan Miles is someone who has experienced the struggles, challenges, and obstacles that life tends to throw at us – and even from a young age, he knew how to keep his head down, continue moving forward, and chase after his dreams, no matter what they were at the time. As someone who quickly rose the ranks in his career, owned several successful multi-million dollar businesses, and continued to break things down to start over again with something new, Allan continues to serve as an inspiration of someone who simply puts their mind, skills, and talent to the test with each new venture.

Since 2019, Allan has been working to build his fitness empire. What began as a high ticket online fitness business, the company quickly grew into a multimillion-dollar business that has since grown into a coaching business. Let’s see what the man who started a fitness empire has been up to so far in 2021.

2020 – 2021 – And Beyond

“2020 was such a challenging year for absolutely every last person on this planet. I was fortunate, and I continue to count my blessings because I chose to start a fully online business back in 2019. While people found themselves at home during the early days of the pandemic, we were able to present our business as a helpful and convenient alternative to people’s regular fitness plans. It was exciting at first, and things were really moving. We began offering a coaching service for fitness instructors and health and wellness businesses who wanted to learn how to leverage the power of online business, and things just took off from there.”

It’s clear that Allan is no stranger to success in the online business world, and he wanted to take what he had learned from the early days of his business and ensure that he could provide like-minded professionals with the support, strategies, and skills that they would need to further position their businesses for success during and well after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It really is quite mind-blowing to see where we were in 2019, where we’ve been during 2020, and where we hope to be by the end of 2021. The business has exploded – we’ve grown to a team of 9, and we have our eyes set on generating $1m per month in revenue by the end of the year, and growing our team to more than 40 professionals. While it might sound like a lofty goal, I believe that when you attract success to you, you can achieve anything that you put your mind to.”

Allan & The Law of Attraction

Allan is a firm believer that every opportunity we want is there for us, it’s just a matter of bringing it closer, and choosing to be the environment instead of a product of the environment. No stranger to personal and professional development, Allan has invested more than $70k of his own money toward bettering himself as a person and as an entrepreneur. He sees the value in pursuing a goal, and he wants his clients to believe that they, too, can improve their businesses and remain flexible and resilient – even in the wake of the worst global health crisis in a century. 

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