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What a Digital Recruitment Process has to Offer?




The recruitment industry is going through a process of transition. It is driven by an energetic workforce that is always on the lookout for better opportunities. An employee who is driving high performance is aware on what they can do for a company, now the focus is shifted to what the companies can do for the employees.  Though the economy has gone on to change drastically most of the organizations are using out- dated methods of recruitment. For this reason they are struggling to retain quality talent. In this regard, online recruitment software might be of help.

The companies are known to alter their process of hiring and one of the effective ways to utilize them is relying on digital marketing techniques. Now is the time to bring digital recruitment on to the role. Now the onus is on you to figure out why it is the need of the hour.

The definition of digital recruitment

The procedure of digital recruitment can be defined as leverage to source, attract, assess along with recruit candidates for a given role. This might include everything from career websites, recruiting via mobile, online assessments or social hiring.

While some of the companies go on to rely any one of the above methods, still there is a long way to go as far as digital strategy is concerned. To retain and recruit employees is a major concern for the companies in this modern era. The process of digital recruitment can make the process of recruitment a lot easier. It is extremely easy for an online recruiter to search their online profile, to figure out their skills along with experience and send them for a quick response so that they are willing to appear for a chat or a novel responsibility.

The hiring managers can take the help of social media profiles in order to recruit candidates. This means that it is very easy to hire candidates to be hired.

The techniques of digital recruitment

By digital recruitment you revamp the process of recruitment. So let us explore a series of digital marketing techniques that you have to consider

Mobile friendly websites

You might not find it feasible to optimize a website for your mobile, but this is going to be a major handicap. In fact this is what most of the companies are doing. Even the modern recruiting companies go on to invest a lot of money on mobile websites.

It is no more than the enhanced use of a smartphone; it is all about optimizing the website in order to attract a large number of candidates. This is really important to do so as 70 % of the job seekers check out the websites and try to locate jobs on the mobile.

If you find that your career website is not mobile friendly, you might lose out on candidates who could end up switching to other websites. For this reason a company needs to ensure that their landing pages, career pages along with other resources tend to be readable and goes on to work efficiently in a mobile device.

In every step of recruitment adopt a digital strategy

You need to assess your recruitment procedures in order to make it more efficient by integrating the digital marketing strategies.

For example if your career website has a long application process so as to obtain details about a candidate it has to be replaced at once. Online recruitment software would be of immense help. Candidates are going to need a quick application process that needs less amount of time. Even it goes on to reduce the bounce rate as far as the career pages are concerned.

Hence you can opt for a video interview that reduces the cost of recruitment and even saves out on the expense of losing out a candidate. Even by assessing each step of the recruitment process you can cut down the cost to a reasonable level.

Cash in on the power of social media

Once you leverage social media into the process of hiring you expect numerous benefits. Right from the time you place an ad to the final stages of selection social media improves the social process of recruitment to a considerable extent. This seems to be an excellent situation in order to make people aware of your brand.

Many candidates also rely on social media in order to obtain more information about a company. For this reason a company is forced to adopt a digital market strategy. There is other type of social media platforms available. You can figure out which one is the best that contains landing pages along with the job postings that align with your job openings.

The best way is to develop your own social media recruitment platform and obtain more information about your candidates.

More does not lead to positive results always

A notion is more the number of digital platforms available better results can be expected. It is important to be accessible but everything has to be planned in a proper way. Not only digital recruitment is a benefit but do not term it as an end in itself.

It happens as your recruitment team would have to spend more time to manage the online channels and churn in less time to recruit quality talent. Do search out for the best platforms that work for you and how you can use them in a scalable way to shortlist and select candidates.

Employment of digital strategies at a customized level

Each and every company has a digital marketing strategy that outlines its goals. Something that could work for your competitors might not be working for you.  Because of this reason it is important that you customize your recruitment plan as per your business along with related goals.

For example your competitors may rely on Facebook to find more information about a candidate, but this strategy might not be working for you as your candidates do not use the particular platform.

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