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Aon the Artist Releases New Single “She Know Better”




Aon the Artist from Seattle, WA has just released his 5th song, “She Know Better” and it may be his best song yet. For those first learning about him, he’s come out of nowhere in 2020 and is swinging hard. Teaming up with established producer Morgan Gradson, they have both created a dynamic duo as both of their combined sounds create something truly unique.

His latest single, “She Know Better” is a certified hit. A melodic story telling flow, leading up to a catchy hook this makes it a very well rounded song. Also with Morgan Gradson’s talents, the catchy instrumental melodies and active drums keeps the listeners attention from beginning to end.

Most songs in today’s hip hop world tend to put women down in every way possible. This song however sheds a different light saying “she know better”.

The single tells a vivid story about how meeting a girl helped Aon turn a destructive path into something better. He later then goes on and explains all the good features about this new girl and how she helped him. The fact that he’s willing to speak up in this way goes against all rules in the hip hop world and may be paving an unknown path for artist allowing them to broaden what is spoken about in songs.

Aon the Artist’s “She Know Better”, is definitely one of the more catchier songs he has released thus far. Stretching his style from the darker vibe to the happier tone is refreshing and really interesting to see. If he continues making songs like this he is bound to be recognized by the hip-hop community.

You can listen to “She Know Better” here:

You can follow Aon the Artist here:

Artwork credit: Abe Alberts

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