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More Parents have been Enrolling their Children in Online Chess Programs to Help them Boost their Focus and Creativity




A global survey has highlighted that a lot of people have been enrolling their children in online chess programs to help them develop their overall personality. As it has been proved in many studies that playing chess improves the creativity and focus of a player. Chess requires the use of both sides of the brain that helps a player to boost his creativity and logical reasoning by playing this game.

Many parents have expressed that it is important to shape the personality of children in the growing years. And they believe that playing chess can help anyone inculcate some important qualities that one requires in order to deal with any challenge in life. A lot of parents believe that spending time playing chess can help a child boost his focus and creativity which eventually helps him in understanding his academics education in a better way.

And they are consulting many virtual chess coach programs such as to help their children play chess in a better manner. Another motive for parents to enroll their children in online chess programs is to teach them to handle high-pressure situations calmly. Many experts believe that playing chess helps a player analyze losses and winnings which eventually helps him build his confidence.

In the survey, many parents have confessed that children spend a lot of time on smartphones for playing many other games. They added that, in order to make sure the best possible use of their time, they simply want their children to play chess to add to the overall development of their personality.

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