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It is no news that blockchain is the new face of technology, and it is exponentially growing in real-life applications this year more than ever before. VeriDoc Global, a leading Australian software company, is offering a cost effective, faster, and more transparent technological framework for the past five years. It incorporates the blockchain technology into a QR code verification software that can be integrated into the client’s existing systems, thus protecting them against any counterfeiters, and frauds. VeriDoc Global allows users to verify whether a document is genuine or fake by simply scanning a QR code on the document.

VeriDoc Global has developed a verification protocol which combines anti fraud software with blockchain using a decentralised network configuration, where data is replicated and stored on every machine that acts as a node in the peer-to-peer network. Since its inception, VeriDoc Global has been working to address the document verification issues for companies and banks by eliminating document fraud and counterfeits. What makes this company stand out is that it combines the anti-fraud software with the distributed ledger used in the decentralized network configuration by leveraging a multi-chain solution that can be used on any blockchain.  

VeriDoc Global, as a leading platform, offers a wide range of blockchain-specific security infrastructure services that aim at eliminating document fraud around the world with the implementation of smart contracts. Not only that, VeriDoc is addressing verification problems across several industries such as pharmaceuticals, supply chains, tax certification, luxury goods, education and certification, to name a few. By following a peer-to-peer network connection, VeriDoc has developed an immutable, incorruptible, and self-scaling domain that replicates the data on every machine. This process ensures that a document can be verified even if the original file is tampered with internally.

Now the highlighting feature is that VeriDoc leverages multiple blockchains to increase the control access for the users. VeriDoc Global currently leverages several different blockchains to give customers more control over their data and for what best suits their business. It can be used to verify user data across multiple blockchains at the same time by incorporating a unique hash value that results in saving time, money, and energy, making it a simple click-to-know task and identifying real and fake. VeriDoc Global is a Decentralised Application (DApp) that can be used on any smart device and can be found on the App store and Google Play. 

VeriDoc Global expands further into Ethereum,  Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin, EOS, and Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB, Amazon’s private blockchain). It is a highly versatile and fully customizable blockchain technology that uses QR codes to make it accessible to everyone. 

VeriDoc’s signature products include VeriDoc HR, VeriDoc Supply Chain, VeriDoc LogBook, VeriDoc Analytics and they are infused with top-notch abilities like traceability, access control, and tracking management and data security. 

It’s a solution which is used to make verification simple and security a priority. Governments and businesses today rely on its technology and are leveraging VeriDoc’s technology solutions platform for authenticity and verification.

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