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Velosostyle Knows How to Style His Clients To Bring Out their Personality Best




Velosostyle is a professional fashion coach, a celebrity stylist and a dedicated fashion tour expert. He started styling celebrities from the higher circuits of entertainment and media industry since early age of 15. He attributes his rich clientele to his ability to pick details, identify a personality and offer styling tips exactly according to it. Veloso shares that he encourages his clients to pick outfit not to impress but to express what their real personality is. What comes natural to a person is his strength no one can beat, and so, the outfit selection should be based on this thought and not on the status in society, he further elaborates.

Veloso started his services as a celebrity stylist and with years of working together, he gained confidence as well as the trust of the clients who now approach him to go through his famous 360 makeover service. Apart from providing personality styling services, outfit styling, brand styling kind of services, he has found a very interesting way to utilize his connections in fashion industry and his sense of fashion. And this interesting way is – fashion tour.

He, as a fashion tour specialist, does not restrict his involvement to take the tourists to Paris fashion shows only. He, in fact, gives a better insight to the world of fashion by connecting style with the influences of History, Culture and Trends of the Paris city and helps you have a better perspective on styling up. His tours are storehouse of learning as he takes you to designer houses to witness behind the scene action, innovative concept stores for better understanding and helps try going deeper to the visible realms of fashion. Fashion is simply your take on styling, you don’t get carried away by it, but use it as a tool to develop your own sense of dressing up, he believes.

His styling service encompasses an elaborate approach that not only takes into account the type of occasion his celebrities are dressing up for, but also pays attention to pick clothes according to mood. To keep up with the changing times and also to deliver the services to an expansive client base all over the world, he has introduced the concept of virtual styling.

In Virtual Styling sessions, which according to him, are new way of making fashion happen and possible, he discusses the styling of the clients over the chat. He goes ahead and buys clothes online for the clients after sharing them the pictures over FaceTime or Skype. He makes use of interesting tools like personalized unique mood boards, styling tips and guide that he develops over the conversation and 2-hr in person styling made possible over chat to stay relevant in the times when everyone is got to stay home.

He finds nature, people, history and perceptions and beliefs a rich source of inspiration and uses these in offering services that go much beyond buying designer clothes for clients only. You can catch him for best fashion styling service at:

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