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Memphis New Artist Burrell Kobe making buzz in the music industry with his new song Hot Girl




As the world turns, it seems the days get increasingly more grim for humanity. As far as music goes We are not getting something new and refreshing which can be uplifting during a Pandemic. The music industry has slowed down, but with the gradual reopening & birth of a new normal, we can hope for something new and refreshing from the music world.

Recently we heard about one young talented singer and writer, a genuine artist Burrell Kobe who released the super hit song name Hot Girl in May which is doing an amazing job across DSP’s worldwide.

Burrell Kobe is new to the music industry but started as a pro with the awesome song Hot Girl. He is an artist who we feel is a going to come in the lists of legend. Song Hot Girl is a breakup song which is loved by millions worldwide.

On every DSP Worldwide. We caught wind of his remarkable talent by way of one of our favorite playlists curated by Top 100 “Indie Talent On The Rise”.

Music has been part of Burrell Kobe’s essence from the start. He is a student of the game. We can all agree, he Started with a bang as Hot Girl got fabulous responses worldwide, every age people enjoyed the song and music.

Burrell Kobe is a Memphis new artist who we feel is a legend in the making. Yes, it is too early to say, but he is doing a fabulous job proving it’s possible.

He wrote the song, Hot Girl in the midst of a tough break up. Previously making music as a hobby, after playing Hot Girl for friends he was urged to pursue a musical career. Hot Girl has a current R&B sound with unique vocal performance and hip hop wordplay. On a scale of 1-10 we give us crossover ability a 10.

Now that we have put him on your radar, sit back relax and enjoy the vibes!

Check out “Hot Girl” Burrell Kobe via Spotify Here:

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