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Utilizing Brand Relationships And Influencers, Ely Boaz Developed A New Social Media Style Platform




Rapid technological advancements are changing the way businesses and brands establish themselves in the digital world. Social media and style influence have changed the way one markets his brand or business.

Ely Boaz, a 25-year-old social media influencer, understands it clearly. Hence, he has developed a new social media-style platform to provide marketing services to clients. Ely Boaz has founded two social media-styled platforms, Celebrito and Socialgiveaways.

Celebrito is an advertising agency based in Israel whereas Socialgiveaways agency that performs similar operations provides its services in the US. Ely Boaz provides tailored, branded, and personalized advertising services to his clients.

Through Celebrito and Socialgiveaways Agency, Boaz helps his clients gain instant followers on their social media platforms by offering giveaways through celebrities. It is a much better option to increase the brand value of any influencer or business than following traditional marketing techniques.

It takes sheer creativity to create such an innovative advertising platform by utilizing brand relationships and influencers. Ely Boaz has managed to establish it and he has even launched an Instagram page to help people boost the popularity of their brand.

Ely Boaz is helping his clients save a lot of money and effort by providing advertising services in a limited time. It is his diverse and comprehensive knowledge of Instagram that allows him to utilize it for helping businesses gain popularity to boost their growth.

Ely Boaz simply aims to boost the organic growth and the overall value of his clients’ digital assets. Celebrito and Socialgiveaways agency provides new influencers and brands a chance to run effective marketing campaigns using the power of celebrity giveaways.

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