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R&B Singer, ekay’s New Song, “Nice”, is a Mix of Soulful Vocals and Modern Lo-fi Beats




The music world is witnessing the introduction of many new artists who have come forward to showcase their musical talents. R&B singer ekay is one such name who is making available exceptional music even during the coronavirus pandemic.

She has released her new single, “Nice” which is a mix of soulful vocals and modern Lo-fi beats. ekay has got a sultry & refreshing voice which leaves her listeners in a mesmerizing state. ekay has shown her comprehensive knowledge of neo-music by delivering exceptional performance in her new single, “Nice”.

ekay has moved from Dubai to Los Angeles where she is staying now and she is signed to Rogue City Entertainment. The R&B singer has shown her exemplary musical talent in her refreshing voice full of confidence. It is the uniqueness in her voice and music that makes ekay a splendid artist.

“Nice” exhorts that it is the need of the hour for every person to remain nice with the people around him. ekay has given a very important message of maintaining a nice attitude during difficult times. In this single, ekay says that one needs to be nice to be around and to get what one desires to have.

“Nice” is an ode and a celebration of calling what one needs during difficult times. The single is full of melodic flows and it has got conversational approach in the verses. It is filled with soulful music with modern lo-fi beats produced by Versus.

The balanced mix of different musical elements in the “Nice” song proves how effectively ekay understands music. For listening to ekay music and knowing about her, click the links below.


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