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Unparalleled Exposure: Raising Monetized Content on TikTok with TikTunes




Amidst this challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic, humanity has found fun and excitement at the safe confines of their home through TikTok, the newest rising social media app. With more people stuck at home due to community quarantines, more people are finding fun ways to kill time following their favorite influencers doing the latest dance challenges and meme-worthy videos. It is also not that long that people in the influencer marketing business see this surge of interest among mostly the GenZ population as a new platform for advertising. The opportunity to maximize this new platform is what TikTunes and its CEO Salvatore “Sal” DiBenedetto offers to brands, companies, and content creators.

TikTunes is a talent agency that connects record labels, brands, mobile apps, and surveys with Tik Tok influencers. CEO Sal DiBenedetto boasts of how it curates a private network of over 90% of the Gen Z influencers on TikTok, making it the leading talent agency to boost one’s brand.

With their expertise on influencer marketing and extensive knowledge on the needs of the target market, TikTunes aims to balance its clients’ interests — the companies and brands get maximum reach for their promotions, and the influencers rightly paid for the content they created.

TikTunes caters to the needs of the influencers. It offers a rare and flexible work opportunity without contract signing required. This working relation allows influencers to sign up with other talent agencies as they desire. TikTunes also offers free consulting and support on how to handle interest from different brands, agencies & companies.

It is also set to launch a mobile app that will provide creators access to brand deals, record labels, mobile apps & surveys. TikTunes mobile app will make it easier for them to communicate with their talent manager and answer any questions they may have. As a reliable talent agency, it makes sure no one is stealing your content without your approval while at the same time ensuring that content creators are monetized for their followings.

Another key feature of the company is influencers run it. Salvatore DiBenedetto himself is one of the pioneers in social media influencing and is very fluent with all digital platforms & social media algorithms. He had over 300, 000 followers when he started his Instagram page as early as 6th grade, and it was among the first few pages to hit 1 million followers not long after.

Sal DiBenedetto and his team are well familiar that companies & brands have never stopped trying to take advantage of their marketing power. And TikTunes has maximized that to their leverage with over 3,000 Tik Tok creator submissions in the last four weeks and a cumulative following of over 1 billion followers – the most extensive database in the USA. Through their existing massive network and simultaneous promotion in their other media pages, no doubt partnering with TikTunes assures unparalleled exposure for brands, labels, and content creators.

TikTunes offers a wide variety of products and services for its clientele. For influencers, to promote, its target audience of mobile app companies. For brands and record labels, guaranteed access to CPI option in the TikTunes’ exclusive platform. For influencers, clinch direct brand collaborations and music promotions.

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