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Knowing The Visionary Behind The Vision; Paul Vigario Founder of




SurfCT is the leading dental information technology company in the world. It has established its name as the pioneer and leader in technology innovations in the dental industry. But as we start to focus on the technologies and strategies of what makes SurfCT successful, we tend to forget the human behind the vision. And behind Surf CT and the revolutionary technologies we see in the dental industry today is Paul Vigario.

Since 2003, Paul Vigario has already been pioneering initiatives that would change the way the dental industry works forever. He founded SurfCT with the vision to make daily dental clinic operations as seamless and enjoyable as possible through integrating design and technology. Fast forward to today, Paul has led his team and thousands of dentists to success. SurfCT is now best known as an award-winning company that provides dental practice automation, true digital workflow, innovative solutions for new dental practices, and complete network integration and IT support for dental offices at the highest level.

If there’s one thing that Paul takes pride in, it’s that no one understands dental technology and dental practice automation more than SurfCT. Many entrepreneurs, and dentists are looking for ways to innovate in the dental industry today. But, Paul has already captured the market of more than 12,000 dental practices all over the world. All while also building the technology for them, helping dentists with new office design, and how it all comes together for complete dental practice and brand automation.   Addressing one of the most crucial growth problems of dental clinics nowadays, production. This only proves that Paul and SurfCT are ahead of the curve of innovation in dentistry.

Not only that, but SurfCT is also best known for its signature White Glove Digital Strategies and Technology Services. This service enlightens you- the dentists and your team while creating a seamless experience and elevating your patients to a level where they say “yes” and “I want” to treatment – ultimately driving your vision and dental practice forward in this new decade where patients know what they want and have more choices than ever.

Although has already seen worldwide recognition, Paul didn’t start as the leader that he is now. Looking back, he also had his fair share of everyday struggles to get to where he is today. But one thing stands true to this day; Paul recalls his strong passion for helping others and technology and so together a very strong passion for healthcare technology.  The passion is what got him through the difficult and challenging start up years. So, right after getting his Bachelor’s Degree in Management / Computer Information Systems from the University of Connecticut, he started SurfCT from the ground up.

Paul has come a long way since then. Over the years, with the professional experience he gained from his education and leading the dental technology firm, Surf CT, Paul’s expertise and knowledge has been sought out by various dental professionals as well as dental companies, dental schools, dental students, universities, dental societies, and dental meetings from all over the world as an advisor, for speaking, system design, new practice design and consulting.

Today, he focuses on remaining innovative and consistent with the high quality of work only SurfCT can offer. They have maintained their renowned reputation as the leading Dental IT company with its holistic approach to complete technology office design where Everything Is Connected. This powerful, tailored, and fully comprehensive approach to dental technology and new office design  creates worldwide demand and, ultimately, a powerful key differentiator against those who try to be like or imitate SurfCT.  It’s difficult for them because they don’t have the experience, knowledge, team, resources  and expertise that SurfCT and Paul Vigario do.

Indeed, Paul Vigario is not slowing down anytime soon and is focused on his vision to take SurfCT and its dentists to even greater heights.

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