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More Children are now Taking Part in Fun Learning Activities During Covid-19 Lockdown




A global survey has highlighted that a lot of children are now taking part in fun learning activities during the Covid-19 lockdown period. For children, it is not possible to attend schools to get a proper education. And even after the end of the lockdown period, they are now expected to be allowed to attend schools due to fear of the spread of Covid-19.

Parents are taking the help of different fun activities to keep their children busy and teach them different things for their overall development. They are making their kids play educational games such as Zooq: Animal Explorer on iPad. This iPad game is helping children to take part in different activities and it is helping them earn rewards in return.

And even they are making them learn to play other offline games to enjoy their time. In addition to this, parents are teaching them phonics basics, counting skills, practice writing, and learn mathematical skills during the Covid-19 lockdown. Many parents admit that teaching different fun activities to people make them active and it helps in their overall development.

Apart from all these things, parents are even choosing different science experiments for their children to help them develop an understanding of various things they see in their surroundings. It is found in the global survey that children are also learning to play music online.

Many experts have admitted that the coronavirus pandemic has taught everyone many new things. And they have endorsed the value of technology in learning anything new irrespective of a person’s age. Online learning is expected to revolutionize the entire learning structure for kids in the years to come.

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