Unified Brand Lab: Providing an Efficient E-Commerce Platform for Natural and Healthy Products

Shopping for healthy products online is being redefined daily by various e-commerce platforms. As new features are being developed consistently to better the online experience of shoppers, more healthy brands are getting the exposure and revenue they need. Unified Brand Lab is responsible for giving these brands an edge in the market. 

The company offers several key features to help clients notice brands quickly. In 2015, it developed and launched a piece of advanced machinery called the Propriety Technology Platform. The Platform reliably tracks and manages a particular campaign’s ability to generate profit – something that both the company and its clients benefit from significantly. The same machinery also allows businesses to optimize marketing campaigns. 

Unified Brand Lab also provides its clients with an active customer database. This collection of updated contact details such as email, home address, office address, and contact number, is very helpful to businesses when they do future marketing or brand campaigns. Clients who are in the database get news on the latest products first before the general public does. Moreover, Unified excels in customer acquisition through its dependable sales funnels and targeted affiliate marketing.

When it comes to risk mitigation, Unified is very keen on preventing fraudulent activities from protecting the interests of clients. A fraud prevention initiative such as this makes clients confident about their e-commerce experience. The lesser the glitches, the more likely they are to continue shopping. A team is also dedicated to focusing on chargeback mitigation and refund rate optimization.   

To ensure that brands can maintain high retention rates, Unified has a hands-on customer service team. The team’s primary focus is to make sure that all client concerns are addressed correctly and with utmost care. The staff is also well trained in the quick resolution of potential complaints that may arise. 

Business owners are especially impressed with the company’s data analysis capacity. Company executives are given comprehensive data on the lifetime value of clients, conversion rates, and retention rates as well. These allow business executives to come up with practical strategies that will further boost patronage of their products.

When Unified sources brands, only the best of the best make it to its list. Its Supply Chain Management feature guarantees that products have adequately been lab tested and approved by concerned government agencies. Clients can also trust that products will be delivered on time and handled with care.  

Unified Brand Lab is well on its way to dominating the world market with its continually evolving e-commerce platform. 

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