Jerry Becerra doesn’t hire based on qualifications, and it works!

Jerry Becerra is an entrepreneur with a simple goal: to empower others to improve their lives and grow their careers through his companies. As he puts it, “we don’t hire people if we cannot make them better than when we met them.”

For over a decade, Becerra worked a career in legal marketing. During his career, he met a much younger colleague who was making about 6x the income that he was. This colleague was making this additional amount through the solar industry. This sparked a realization in Becerra that despite holding an ideal position in the corporate world, he wasn’t growing any more -– and he wanted a change.

After learning everything he could about the industry, Becerra started

As the company grew, he realized he could give others the same opportunity for personal and professional growth. Today the company enjoys success in over 33 states with a mission to “get our people smarter and sharper, then show them opportunities to earn more income than before. We try to change lives, if they allow us.”

The success of has allowed Becerra to start additional businesses. was the first of these. The company buys homes in desperate need of repair, puts them at level with the surrounding neighborhood or better, and places them back on the market. It adopts the same employment strategy: find people who have never had the chance to show their true potential, and set them up for success.

As his companies continue to thrive, Becerra remains on the lookout – finding untapped areas of businesses prime for takeoff, and discovering underutilized talent just waiting for the chance to prove themselves.

Becerra recently signed a book deal with Greenleaf Book Group as well as ventured into the music industry as an artist manager. To hear more from Becerra and stay up-to-date with his latest projects, you can check him out at the following links:

Instagram: @SolarAndFlips

You may also contact Becerra at

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