MSL Talk Podcast Host Tom Caravela Is on a Mission to Offer Job Search Wisdom through His Podcast

Hunting for an ideal workplace that suits you can be difficult, especially as a new graduate or when making a career change. Just like most job seekers,  Medical Science Liaison candidates and those aspiring to be MSLs also struggle to find a promising industry position. Tom Caravela is on a mission to get Medical Affairs professionals and Medical Science Liaison (MSLs) hired in their ideal role through the help of his podcast and career advice.  

Tom Caravela has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. He has been managing The Carolan Group for 20 years as a leading Medical Affairs Executive Search Firm that specializes in identifying top talent for its clients. The company is highly niche-focused, client-driven, and fully dedicated to the scientific community. Tom is a Certified Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Executive Coach as well as an expert in the Medical Affairs space. He leads a team of Medical Affairs Recruiters, Sourcers, and Account Managers for the placement of direct hire and outsourced professionals to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. He and his team specialize in Medical Science Liaison builds and expansions as well as recruitment for various levels of Medical and Scientific Affairs professionals. Tom and his team have designed a detailed screening and recruitment process that is proprietary for providing top Medical Affairs Professionals. 

Tom Caravela’s experience and knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry have led him to become an inspirational influencer on social media platforms. He is the host of the globally renowned ‘MSL Talk’ podcast which has 150,000+ listeners from 50+ countries. “Articles and videos are great but the podcast is an effective medium for sharing content and broadcasting information to industry professionals as well as those looking to break into the industry,” says Caravela. He specifically developed the podcast for Medical Affairs professionals to go for career advice, trends, medical affairs best practices, and strategies for success.

A recent podcast review on Apple calls MSL Talk an “Excellent Field Medical Affairs Resource”. The review goes on to say,  “Tom has a deep knowledge & expertise in pharma medical affairs & it’s on display in this podcast. Impactful speakers & compelling content for MSL leaders – as well as MSL individual contributors. Thanks, Tom for providing a resource to offer a hand up in the evolution of our business”.

Tom is optimistic that through the podcast, MSLs and  Medical Affairs professionals can gain valuable insights and learn from some of the smartest minds in the industry. New episodes of the MSL Talk podcasts are released each week on Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher. Followers can also find episodes regularly on his YouTube channel by searching “MSL Talk”. Tom uses his extensive industry experience and achievements to educate and lead job seekers through proven search strategies. He wants to empower and guide MSLs around the world towards a path to success in the pharmaceutical industry.

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