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The Value of Application Management Services




If you want to get maximum capabilities from your ERP software, you do need help implementing your Workday or ServiceNow investment. However, that’s only the beginning. Because challenges often arise during deployment, and after, you need support to help with navigation and to ensure that your new system is ready to go from Day One – and stays ready. After all, you don’t want a sophisticated technological system idled due to issues you could’ve avoided.

So, here’s more about the value of application management services.

What is Workday?

It’s a cloud-based software solution that manages human capital management, enterprise resource planning, and financial management apps for use by companies of every size. What’s unique about the package is that it aims to bring all the people to the core of the organization. Workday features a “people-centric” approach.

What is ServiceNow?

It’s a cloud-based workflow automation platform that allows companies to manage all aspects of their IT infrastructure. The company specializes in IT service, operations, business, and asset management, plus security operations and governance, risk, and compliance.

What Follows Deployment?

After either of these solutions is launched, you’ll need help with all Workday functions or HR service delivery with ServiceNow. That’s where application management services come into play.

If you’re up and running with Workday, you should now ask yourself:

  • Are your modules supported technical experts?
  • Are there funds available to employ full-time staffers to handle your subscription? 
  • Are your resources sufficient to keep apace with your evolving enterprise?
  • Are you prepared to craft, assess, and launch platform-issued updates?
  • Can you get your arms around all maintenance activities, and, should turnover arise, are you frequently transferring knowledge?
  • Do you know what your next move is in terms of the technology and maximizing your investment?

How Mercer Can Help

One of the chief takeaways here is that while the consultant Mercer is supremely capable on every level, it tailors its assistance to your enterprise’s configuration. To wit, it offers:

  • Application management support. As your long-term partner, Mercer can help you process tasks and figure out problems. It can also help your team become fully knowledgeable in its module so that it’s prepared to adapt to Workday’s frequent innovations. In short, Mercer wants to make certain your goals are met, and your expectations are surpassed.
  • Empower. By training your team to optimize Workday’s return on investment in the functional areas you’ve enabled, the whole potential of your investment will be realized. To establish a deep knowledge base for future operations, Mercer’s Digital Solutions can assess your team’s skills and train against shortfalls.
  • Optimize. Mercer takes pride in the fact that it offers a holistic review of all functional areas to make certain you’re getting everything you can out of your Workday investment by using the system’s entire suite of capabilities. Within your business and industry, Mercer can provide contextual tenant review, complete with suggestions and a guide for easing inefficiencies in tenant transactions. Such inefficiencies cause delays in vital business flow completion, in addition to data integrity issues and an increased need for manual maintenance.

Now that you know how valuable application management services are, you can get the support you need to squeeze optimal performance from your Workday or ServiceNow system. That means a consultant such as Mercer that can offer time- and cash-saving maintenance, repairs, technical issues, and updates. After all, you wouldn’t buy a high-end vehicle and not take care of it … would you? Do your homework and get the best assistance available.

With experience as a full-time environmentalist and part time journalist, Lisa heads the post of editor at California Herald. She covers all the significant proceedings in the world of Environment while editing all the news pieces posted over the website to ensure everything aligns with the journalistic format.

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