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The next big thing in the world of R&B – ImSoMaleek




The GenNext, multi-talented musical entrepreneur looks set to achieve super-stardom with his new release King Of The Hill”.

In the modern era, there has been a change of climate in the scope of the music industry after rapidly evolving technological advancements have taken place in the said industry. Musical artiststalent is their most important asset but its where most musicians stop. Artists from the music industry have envisioned their art and have started to think about the way they operate their skills and business. So were born musical entrepreneurs, who have developed skills and know-how outside of music, to make their art reach the maximum number of people with a more profitable and sustainable career. One such artist to create an impact from the music industry is NextGen, multi-talented, ImSoMaleek.

With his alternative brand of Rhythm & Blues (R&B), ImSoMaleek has broken into the highly competitive world of music. Born in Bronx, New York, ImSoMaleek has already made a name for himself, after appearing in giant productions like Me, Myself and Irene, Preaching to the Choir, and the Broadway version of The Lion King.

During his adolescence, he was mentored by the legendary musician and actor, Wyclef Jean, and was signed as the lead singer of 3on3 with his two older brothers. Maleek learned a lot from the genius, high-profile mentor in Wyclef Jean, who prepared Maleek to step out onto the world stage. ImSoMaleek has created a distinct style under the category of R&B, with hints of pop music. The innovative and talented musician likes to create a wide range of production styles which touch his classing training roots along with a distinctive soulful vibe.

ImSoMaleeks upcoming new project King Of The Hill” is narrated by Hip Hop Icon Dave East and it draws upon Maleeks love experiences from his childhood to becoming a young adult, is an extremely well-crafted work of art. The personal touch and stories of Maleeks real-life add intriguing layers to a super contemporary, listenable music. The writing matches the sound of the music and together it gives the listener a uniquely soothing experience. 

ImSoMaleek aspires to be viewed as a top-class vocal producer, an iconic sex symbol, and a musical entrepreneur like the legendary artist, Prince. ImSoMaleek is inspired by the works of Usher, Justin Timberlake & Musiq Soulchild, and with his colorful past in the entertainment business, he is set to be the next big thing in the wide hemisphere of R&B.

ImSoMaleek is gearing up to hit the road on tour in 2020-21 with his band & music label Sound House Worldwide marking a crucial point in his career.

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