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Abdoobachr Makes Himself an In-Demand Digital Marketing Brand




Abdelkader Bachr, who is better known as Abdoobachr, is a digital marketer that created a brand name from a combination of his first and last names. It is an original move that only a digital marketer and master brander would be clever enough to do. But originality and creativity are the names of the game in the digital marketing world. 

For the last few years, Bachr has built a million-dollar business by selling his digital marketing services and expertise to other companies. There are still so many businesses that fail to gain a presence online because of their outdated marketing strategies. These businesses have stuck with the classic marketing strategy of advertising in the Yellow Pages and the classified ads section of newspapers. This marketing strategy is now obsolete, and they’re starting to realize that. 

Bachr’s goal is to bring new and existing businesses into the 21st century by helping them thrive online. His digital marketing strategies consist of video marketing and pay-per-click advertising on popular platforms like Google and Facebook. Bachr sets up effective PPC campaigns on Facebook Ads and Google Ads for his clients. 

The campaigns are established to target specific consumer demographics that have a greater interest in what his clients are selling. Because of this, it results in more sales for them. “My marketing strategies have been tested and proven to be effective,” Bachr said. “Google Ads and Facebook are two areas where I can achieve great results for startup businesses and help them grow quickly.”

Bachr does not just implement one type of marketing strategy for his clients, though. He also focuses on SEO techniques as well. One method is to create unique content for his clients’ websites so that they’ll rank better in Google and Bing. “High-quality content that is original goes a long way in attracting organic traffic to a website,” Bachr said. “So many other companies use PLR content that gets recycled from other websites. That is a sure way to destroy your website rank. I always stress that my clients use completely original content.”

Bachr keeps himself very busy with running his businesses. Since he is in such high demand from several reputable and well-established companies, he is very selective in the clients that he chooses to work with. He will only partner with a company if they meet specific strict criteria that he has set for them. If a company does not meet his criteria, then he will not work with them. 

“I wish I could help every company in the world find success, but I only have so much time on my hands,” Bachr said. “I need to reserve that time for companies with a lot of resources and potential to make themselves successful. If I feel a company does not have what it takes to succeed, then I will not form a partnership with them.”

Bachr believes in forming long-term relationships with clients and business professionals, but they must seek his partnership for the right reasons. If they’re only after free advice or to steal his ideas, then he will not even bother with them. 

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