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The Evolution Of Cloud-Based Realtor Agencies – Feely Group




In our modern world of constantly evolving technology, almost every industry has undergone advancement in recent years. The real estate industry, in particular, has greatly benefited from technological advances. Though it is an industry that is technically grounded in brick and mortar, it has dipped its toes in the digital space. Cloud-based realtor agencies are becoming more common, and here the founder of the Feely Group, Kevin Feely, explores the evolution of these cloud-based agencies.

Simply put, a cloud-based realtor agency exists only in the digital space and allows agents and brokers to operate their business entirely online. Kevin Feely shares that the cloud-based realtor agency model was developed organically. It was not born from a sudden Eureka moment; the model evolved due to how much our lives were increasingly moving online.

As technological opportunities expanded, real estate agents and brokers began to adopt ways of streamlining their services, cloud-based technology offered a way for agencies to go paperless while still maintaining a united team of agents. This technology is known as cloud computing, and Kevin Feely shares that it refers to storing and accessing data over the internet rather than on a hard drive. The evolution of cloud-based realtor agencies has led the industry as a whole to become more streamlined and accessible. Kevin Feely says, “By moving the mechanisms of selling and buying houses into the digital space, the industry is now years ahead of where it was as little as ten years ago.”

The Feely Group is an Ottawa-based real estate agency that is known for prioritizing the needs of individual clients over chasing after big commissions. They are a brand that has earned a respected place within their community by positively implementing their skills and abilities to help their clients upgrade not just their living space but also their lifestyles.

Looking at the progression of cloud-based realtor agencies, it’s clear that the real estate industry has the power to keep evolving.

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