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Musician Rob Terell Is Making New Moves




Rob Terell has always been an artist with a plan. A mogul in the music industry, Terell has been known throughout his career as a musician, writer, and businessman among other titles, and now he is taking his talents and expertise to the TV screen.

A recent contract with a major TV network is allowing Terell to produce, write, and direct an entire reality TV series, a dream come true for an artist like Terell who has never stopped finding new avenues to explore in the industry. Owning a music label, Rockstar Music Group, has been a major success for Terell throughout his career, where he takes underdog artists and unlocks their potential through his expertise in the industry.

Being an artist himself, Terell knows what it actually takes to make it in a cutthroat industry like this, and now has mastered what’s needed to make a long-term and sustainable brand for an artist. He wants to represent all of this and more in his new TV series, Industry Certified, which will showcase his 25+ years of industry experience.

If you would like to learn more about Rob Terel’s endeavors, you can find him on Instagram as @robterell. He is quite active on social media and likes to engage with his fans.

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