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Telemarketing Predictions for 2021 with Mo Amin




As time goes on, society and its various facets begin to evolve as we do. This can range from technology to business, and as we reach the end of 2020 with all the mishaps and changes to fit the new terrain, many have begun wondering where 2021 will take us in the way of business evolution. One such industry that has made a remarkable comeback since the early days of its inception is Telemarketing. Since the 1980s, Telemarketing has come a long way. While it was absent for much of the 2000s, in recent years, it has re-emerged as an effective form of marketing thanks to the globalization and mobilization of the world. Technology evolving and growing has caused a surge in popularity for the usage of Telemarketing. Mo Amin, Founder of Exclusive Calls, has been tracking the changes of Telemarketing since its resurgence and has made predictions about the future of the industry for the next year of business.

The first and perhaps most apparent change that is coming with Telemarketing and the business world in general, according to Amin, is the fact that COVID-19 will be present in 2021. This means that more businesses will be inclined to reach out to customers via phone or mobile media, given that in-person interaction will be limited until COVID-19 has a working vaccination and the majority of the population has protection. With that in mind, this communication gap will lead to countless businesses wanting to not only communicate through other means, but it will also lead to a mass hiring of mobile or remote employees. Given these unique needs, Telemarketing is in a prime position to fill that space. Amin states that “In today’s business climate, because of Coronavirus, [telemarketing] has become a lot more important than it was before because face-to-face meetings are much less safe, and face to face is no longer really viable. COVID-19 has killed conventions and meetings in person and so using telemarketing is an excellent way to get outgoing calls to ensure that you’re reaching out to clients.”

With this turn to remote employees, office spaces will also be downsized due to high costs and reduced capacity. They ultimately will move toward companies that have in-house centers that are small that can still produce results without having to bear the value of the office space themselves. Companies like ExclusiveCalls will benefit from this. They will gain more business due to their niche offering of mobile productivity that many companies will struggle to have in a COVID-19 world, especially if they have not ventured into this space any time prior to COVID-19 times.

In addition to the necessity to enlist the business of Telemarketing from other external companies, this will also tie in heavily to customer loyalty. With COVID-19 crippling brick and mortar businesses, there’s a strong likelihood that the need for customer loyalty will come in the form of telephone marketing. With a great deal of shopping and even food delivery coming in the way of places like Amazon and Doordash, companies that focus on Telemarketing will become an invaluable resource to businesses who struggle with regaining traction and loyalty from their customers pre-COVID. Amin points out that companies like Exclusive Calls could be entirely dedicated to maintaining customer loyalty and providing the human connection to customers who have had that connection severed due to quarantine. This is one of many services the company can provide to support businesses through and after COVID-19 times.

Amin even notes from his own company that “We [Exclusive Calls] have quality assurance representatives, so if a call leads to a possible appointment, we have a quality assurance agent barge in and determine if there is genuine interest.”

The future proves to be bright for telemarketing companies like Exclusive Calls as COVID-19 has made the connection between consumers and sellers far strained. Telemarketing will become the solution to a very detrimental problem that is shifting today’s business terrain. There’s no way to know for sure what the future will hold, but Telemarketing will be a part of 2021, and Exclusive Calls is a major contender for bringing Telemarketing into the future of the business world. If you’re looking for telemarketing services or you’re interested in hearing more from Mo, check out the Exclusive Calls Website or email them at

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