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Multitalented Music Artist, Amaru Son, has Big Plans to Introduce Exceptional Music in 2021




Amaru Son, the rising music artist, has big plans on the cards to start the year 2021 on a strong note. He excels in the art of delivering a good narrative and his music evokes emotions in his audience. Since 2019, Amaru Son has done a wonderful job in the music world as he has impressed the audience with his music.

Born as JaKealon Amaru Chase in Kansas City, Missouri, the talented music artist is known in the music world with his stage name, Amaru Son. The music artist grew up under the influence of music lovers and it set a strong foundation for his journey in the music industry.

Due to his great musical skills, Amaru Son is being compared to notable artists namely, Juice WRLD, Iann Dior, Lil Uzi Vert, Triple Redd, and The Kid Laroi. But he accepts comparisons in a constructive manner and believes in focusing on improving his music skills to further his music career.

Before his journey into the music world, Amaru Son kept his focus on track and field dynamics. But on entering college in 2016, he switched his plans and decided to pursue music to live a life of fulfillment. His musical journey began in 2019 when the rapper started to gain popularity on the internet through the famous YouTube channels such as that of Tommy Craze and I’m Dontai.

From that time, Amaru Son has never stopped on his musical journey. He has shown his multiple talents in singing, rapping, mixing, producing, and mastering music. The artist’s song, “Lost and Found” has received over six million streams on all music platforms which is a big achievement.

Amaru Son’s songs contain strong lyrics and he expresses his thoughts in a rhythmic manner with soothing beats. He has big plans for 2021 as he is all set to create a strong sensation in the music world with his creative musical works.

In the next five years, Amaru wants to earn a label and he aims to write songs for other singers. Amaru Son believes in keeping strong principles and he works to excel in his musical career to make a strong mark.

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