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SOS Anywhere Launches Wearable Emergency Alert Band




The company’s founder created an emergency alert band with a built-in GPS that can be used in 213 countries along with lasting 10 years in battery life.

Locating People with New Mobile Emergency Alert Device

SOS Anywhere can help save lives in emergencies. A silicone band with a built-in GPS can give emergency contacts quick access to one’s exact GPS coordinates. SOS Anywhere, a company specializing in emergency alerts, understands this special need. To help save lives and give peace of mind, the company recently launched its wearable .88-ounce band that can ping a user’s location to their selected contacts in the case of an emergency along with continuing to update the location of the user for up to 15 minutes with one click of a button.

“SOS Anywhere transforms the safety landscape with the launch of its wearable tech,” said Jaron Carter, the founder of SOS Anywhere.

SOS Anywhere provides one’s emergency contacts with an exact GPS location determined by latitude and longitude. Users can also choose whom to send the emergency notification to by text or the company’s mobile application. Its applications are endless with having seen sports enthusiasts, elderly, families, and kids use SOS Anywhere for peace of mind.

Jaron started SOS Anywhere after he suffered a major incident while snowboarding in the mountains, which resulted in four broken bones in his left arm, torn shoulder, a concussion, and spinal compression.  He waited in the snow and mountains for 4 hours without any help and no one knowing where he was located. With accidents happening like this all over the world, Jaron knew he needed to help bring a solution to the market with a click of a button.

SOS Anywhere is not only applicable for outdoor recreational activities but for the everyday user.

Protecting America’s Families

Unlike traditional emergency alert bands that only work on a cellular network, the new SOS Band follows the user anywhere they go via GPS without the monthly cost of using a cell tower. Whether you are out for a jog, hiking a mountain, playing with the kids, going shopping, or just casually walking through the neighborhood, SOS Anywhere is here to protect you and your whereabouts.

With approximately 2,300 children (one every 40 seconds) reported missing each day in the United States and nearly 800,000 people a year, there is a developing need that has to be solved especially with about 15% of all disappearances are deemed involuntary by the FBI.

“With seeing the industry lacking a true emergency alert device” said Jaron. “It is time to offer a solution that is affordable and reliable for years to come.”

Cost of a Coffee

The SOS Anywhere Band emergency alert band is only $3 a month with a one-time band fee of $97. Compared to other emergency alert bands, SOS Anywhere is the most affordable for those looking for peace of mind without breaking the bank for the family.  Ordering information available at

About SOS Anywhere

SOS Anywhere’s new emergency alert band provides independence and peace of mind for millions of people and their families worldwide. The SOS Anywhere Band has a modern look, lightweight and super small .88-ounce silicone band with a shock & waterproof casing. The company has dedicated it whole mission to bringing awareness & protection in these uncertain times.

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