Entrepreneur Tyler Espitia gives insight on Email Marketing

Tyler Espitia is a serial entrepreneur who has managed to get the coveted title ‘millionaire’ in his early 20s. He has done all this using his phone and WiFi. Above all, he does all this in the comfort of his home.

Succeeding in email marketing

He first started doing email marketing when he was a senior, for he knew that he wasn’t smart enough for college. He started learning it, and within a couple years, he was using it for his trading program where he could give out something for free in exchange for their name and email. He was giving out a free training video course and get the emails to which he would sell my products and services, which helped him scale up.

Tyler says that email marketing is a powerful tool because everyone needs an email in this era. Secondly, people check their email every single morning. “I do whenever I wake up because there are important things in there, and I truly don’t believe that emails are dead,” Tyler adds.

He uses the emails to deliver knowledge, value, and send traffic to his Instagram, YouTube, website, and publications. He has mastered how to get people to buy through emails.

Email Marketing Academy

Tyler Espitia is currently working on a bigger project than he ever thought. He already has an e-book out that shows what you need to know to sell your product or services through emails. It has become a must-read for influencers, hairstylists, barbershops, landscapers, and many other professionals who want to increase their scope of clients.

The whole goal of this Email Marketing Academy is to teach people how to convert your email list into buyers to buy your products or services so you can make more money and the cool thing about it is even if you don’t have a product or service, it teaches you the skill so you can sell someone else’s service with your own email marketing agency.

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