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Social Media Influencer AJ Cartas launches agency that connects Western brands to Chinese consumers




When social media influencer AJ Cartas became Director of Social Media for Bytedance in North America, that’s when he realized that there was a market opportunity for Western brands to connect with Chinese consumers.

AJ noticed that more and more Western brands are trying to penetrate the Chinese market since they realized the spending power of consumers there is strong. Black Friday in the U.S. generated over $7 billion in sales. In China, Singles Day generated over $25 billion in sales just by mid-afternoon.

As an entrepreneur, that’s when he realized the opportunity and founded an agency, Syzygy Social, intending to connect Western brands to Chinese consumers using influencer marketing. There was a gap for such a platform, and AJ was the person who introduced it.

Any Western brand who is looking forward to tapping into new market opportunities will be able to create exploratory campaigns with the agency created by AJ You will never feel that geographical boundaries are limiting your business. You will be ready to start selling products to people who live thousands of miles away from you in China with influencers that AJ will connect you with. Syzygy will provide all the facilities that you need to go ahead and get the most out of this business opportunity.

It’s no secret now that there is a massive market in China. You will be able to find thousands or even millions of customers who are interested in purchasing your products from China. However, entering the Chinese market on your own won’t be easy. One of the best methods available for you to achieve a Chinese expansion is to get in touch with the social media agency AJ created.

The social media agency of AJ will deliver much-needed support for you to connect your brand with Chinese consumers. As an influencer marketer, he will personally create tailored campaigns for your brand on Tencent, Weibo, Xiohongshu, Baidu, or Taobao. This is one of the best investments that you can do towards increasing the global footprint of your business as well as staying ahead of your competition.

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