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So Gaudy’s Start in Music




So Gaudy bases his success on one thing: the process of trial and error. He claims that that is what got him to where he is today. For So Gaudy, music is only a representation of what hard work can do. With dedication, time management, hard work, and putting money in the correct places, he has been able to grow his name along with his platform to the size that it is today.

Beginning his work back in 2010, Gaudy began his journey in Las Vegas and has continued to work hard towards his success in music for nearly ten years. With the constant mindset to strive towards the next level of success, his goals and achievements as an artist set the bar for a lot of others who are striving to make it in the music industry. By being able to recognize what it takes to succeed in such an uncertain industry takes a lot of effort, as highlighted by Gaudy. Being a smart businessman is equally as important as being a good musician.

You can keep up with So Gaudy on Instagram here as well as catch all of his music on Spotify here

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