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Digital Marketer, Jiten Thakkar, Uses his Entrepreneurial Talent to Help Small & Local Businesses Grow Online




Digital marketing expert and entrepreneur, Jiten Thakkar, is using his entrepreneurial skills to help small & local businesses grow in the digital world. After noticing the struggles of many local offline businesses, the digital marketer introduced his web platform, “Local Forever” to help them gain exposure in the online market.

Jiten Thakkar has kept the current business situation and the state of local businesses in mind while introducing the local business directory, “Local Forever“. Small & local offline businesses can easily register their operations online through this web platform by investing a small amount of money in a hassle-free manner.

The entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in the digital marketing world understands the importance of a website for any offline business to grow digitally. Hence, Jiten Thakkar has introduced ‘Local Forever’ with a unique subscription model for both B2B & B2C businesses to help them establish their presence online.

Jiten Thakkar has set an affordable price for his service through “Local Forever”. He has provided end-to-end website services including domain name, hosting, SSL, designing, and maintenance in one place, to help local businesses access them easily.

The entrepreneur himself also offers coaching & training to businesses to help them grow well in the digital world using the right digital marketing tactics. Jiten Thakkar has also published a book titled, “Marketing Digital Marketing: Secrets of Successful Digital Marketers“.

In this book, the digital marketer has shared new trends for helping brands and startups grow in the social media world. Jiten Thakkar has expressed that local business growth is only possible today if any business uses the right digital marketing tactics to establish its brand in the online world.

Find out more about Jiten Thakkar and get access to all his amazing content by visiting his social handles on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

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