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Institutions like Gooroo are making a Difference as Pandemic Affects Educational Access to Students




Class bells, library sessions, and class debates were entirely tossed into the bin when the schools had to shut their doors in March. The education of millions of young students fell into the deep pit of uncertainty with no hope of restoring. To maintain a sense of balance in the new world, immediate measures were taken to shift into the world of untested online learning.

Problems faced due to online education

The lack of proper nutrition, financial problems, and child care problems snatched the pleasure of comfortable learning from many disadvantaged students. To combat the complications of ‘online lectures,’ institutions like Gooroo opened their virtual doors to the world of untapped education for students belonging to the financially weaker sections of the society. For every purchased subscription, one deserving candidate gets complete access to hundreds of courses available on the platform.

What are Gooroo Courses?

Gooroo is the one-stop entertaining and educational platform for students. The user-friendly platform is so easy to navigate that young children can easily access the courses of their choice. The academic needs of every child is taken care of with the help of fun videos that could be watched from anywhere at any time.

For setting up the account, every student has to provide the required basic information based on which the profile will be created. If one subscription is purchased by a user, the amount received from it goes for funding another child that cannot afford Gooroo’s membership. The company values community over profits. They strive to create an equal environment for every individual because education is more valuable than anything in life. The Founder of Gooroo Scott Lee understood the importance of education because he was lucky enough to come across some teachers who changed his life for good.

How are they helping Students?

Gooroo encourages the overall growth of students by providing them the comfort and convenience of one-on-one lectures with specialized tutors. The deserving students who get courses free of cost and the students who purchase the subscription get equal facilities on the website. Not only are these courses available for students, but also the seniors who weren’t privileged enough to complete their education can take a shot at achieving their educational goals.

Gooroo is taking the following steps for ensuring the overall growth of students on its platform.

  • Customized Learning Plans: Just like every finger on our hand, the intake capacity of every child is not the same. Students can only grasp the concepts well when they have constant access to engaging academic content at a time that fits their schedule. Gooroo takes cognizance of this fact to provide special learning plans for every student under the guidance of a tutor.
  • Special Tutor Matching: Tutors are matched with the students depending on the availability and requirements of the learner. The right instructor with the required set of experience for teaching the student will be immediately matched with the student after the profile is created.

Visit the Gooroo courses on their website to get more information on the topic.

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