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Six Steps to Win Every Debate




One of the most difficult situations that you can come across in life is having a debate over something. Whether it is an argument with someone you love, despise, or an attempt to convince your boss or your peers of a work aspect, debates can increase anxiety and discomfort.

Some people try their best to avoid any kind of conflict or debate. However, this tactic only damages their chances of success in any potential field. You do not want to run away from arguments. You want to win them, and the following six steps will show you how!

Hi, my name is Michele Zanello, and today I will talk to you about the importance of winning a debate and how it can help you enjoy success in every aspect of your life, including your relationship, job, and other social interactions.

1. Define Your Position

Before starting a debate, you should be sure about where you stand in it. You do not want to change your views after every little thing that the other person says. Make sure that you know your reasons and facts, and only argue about certainties. This way, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable during the debate, and you will not become defensive.

2. Talk Less

Silence often says more than words. Even if the other person is yelling at the top of their lungs or talks without interruptions, you should keep your calm and only talk when it is relevant. Know your facts, and only use them when necessary.

3. Ask Them to Define Their Position Clearly

Stay quiet and composed. Instead of yelling back, you should calmly ask about their arguments and position on the matter. Make them question their lines of thought.

4. Never Get Personal or Raise Your Voice

The moment you start yelling, you have already lost the debate. Also, even if the other person attacks you personally, you should never resort to the same demeaning technique. Do not debate using your emotions, but only rational arguments.

5. Latch onto Their Debating Mistakes

If you stay calm and collected, the other person may make mistakes in their way of winning the debate. Latch on those mistakes. If they are shouting or calling you names, you should ask them why they are behaving this way and expect an apology. Also, look for mistakes in their rhetoric.

6. Know When to Walk Away

Some debates are not worth winning. When the other person is unreasonable, offensive, and even threatening, it is best to walk away. You will never reach a consensus with them, so you are only wasting your time, energy, and happiness.

Why You Should Listen to Me

My name is Michele Zanello. I’m a digital marketing strategist and social media manager with more than five years of experience in the field. My digital career started in 2015, and my passion for branding strategy led me to create some of the most famous characters and public figures in the music industry.

Throughout this time, I developed an in-depth understanding of marketing techniques, psychology, and debates. I went through every trick in the book to discover the most efficient methods of winning arguments and getting the best out of every social interaction you can think about.

These are just a few of the techniques that I used in 2020 when I launched my digital agency called Midnight Milano. Our team specializes in high-quality branding, communication, and strategy.

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