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Business Coach, Jeff Lopes, Teaches Father Entrepreneurs how to Balance their Family & Business




Jeff Lopes

Jeff Lopes, a serial entrepreneur and business coach, is teaching father entrepreneurs to maintain the right balance between their family and business. He is a Toronto-based entrepreneur who started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age. Jeff Lopes has founded many corporations namely, Kimurawear and True Blue Homes.

He has made a strong name as a business coach through his podcast, Jeff Knows Inc. Jeff Lopes appeals to dad entrepreneurs to prioritize their fitness, family, and business while pursuing their goals in life. Through his podcast, Jeff Lopes shares his more than 24 years long journey with young entrepreneurs.

Additionally, the business coach helps young entrepreneurs to learn from many entrepreneurs who share success secrets via his podcast. The free-flowing conversations in his podcast inspire, educate, and motivate listeners. Jeff Lopes believes that being an entrepreneur offers control over your own wealth and he allocates wealth to creating a life of freedom..

According to him, an entrepreneur must follow his passion before diving into the entrepreneurial world. Jeff Lopes offers business coaching to father entrepreneurs to work smarter and not harder. The business coach appeals to them to create a source of passive income so that they can find more time for their family and fitness.

Jeff Lopes advises every father entrepreneur to set goals on a personal and business level. In addition to this, he says that entrepreneurs should set their goals for 3, 6 and 12 months periods. And then, entrepreneurs should create a robust and step-by-step process to reach their goals comfortably.  This step by step is a domino effect, that you create each day to build momentum to reach each of these goals.

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