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Senior is a Prolific Storyteller




The best storytellers in any art form and niche are those who draw upon real experiences. Artist Senior (James William Awad) is as authentic as they come. His new album is a direct reflection of his extraordinary abilities to tell stories in an impassioned way that connects with his fans.

Senior has struggled a lot through life, starting from an early age. In high school, his dreams of pursuing music were nearly squashed by society and those around him who didn’t understand his lyrical gifts and refused to give him a chance. The artist, however, never gave up and did not even consider quitting for a second.

He took that passion and used it to weave together words that inspire ambition and creativity, and offer peace of mind to his fans. Senior credits three artists as his core inspiration: Drake, The Weeknd, and Lil Baby.

All of Senior’s lyrics touch the minds and hearts of his fans, who keep growing by the minute. His debut single “Alexandra” proved to be a powerful and emotional track and ignited his fans’ appetites for more music. The album is set to drop in mid-October. It comes in two varieties, one of which is the Original that features 14 songs, and the other is the Deluxe that includes 16 tracks.

Senior is extremely excited to share his art with his fans and perhaps put the missing piece into the puzzle of their inspiration and creative ambitions.

Follow Senior on social media for updates on his upcoming music and projects.

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