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From Garageband to Rising Artist: Multi-genre artist COBRA. and His Craft.




Though he did not literally begin his music career in a garage, New Hampshire native Josh Bishop did begin producing music on a MacBook on the program GarageBand.  These humble beginnings produced effective results, however.  At 18, Bishop began posting content on YouTube under the artist name COBRA., and has racked up over 97k subscribers to date. 

Bishop revealed his day to day experience in an interview saying, “An average day for me… I usually wake up at around 9-10 am and hop on my computer and catch up on emails, comments or dm’s from people asking questions or just giving feedback. After that, I usually start messing around with some samples, or melodies that I have in my head and see if I can bring them to life. That usually goes till about 12-1 in the afternoon and then I leave the house to go get some food/run errands. Sometimes I’ll order food if I get locked in and don’t want to lose an idea. The majority of the time I’m able to make at least 1-3 beats a day and then after I’m content with those, I’ll move on to creating original music with my duo Rob for Vizuals. Sometimes I can work all through the night.  Other times, it’s hard to make anything at all.  Music can be hit or miss and that’s why I love what I do”.

The end of 2020 and the start of 2021 will see the release of new music from COBRA. including originals and remixes. With a continuous rise in popularity and millions of YouTube views behind him, Josh Bishop, AKA COBRA., will be a producer and artist to watch closely in the future.

Find the COBRA. YouTube channel here.

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