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Sauceman Keys To Debut The 1st Single From “The Art Of Trap” on Halloween




Sauceman Keys is premiering a new song titled Transformer 2” on Halloween. Hes making plans on dropping the whole project “The Art Of Trap” soon in honor of Robert Greene. Sauceman was incarcerated 8 years of his life on a few different occasions (in and out of jail), so the vibes you’ll feed off of this project is the art of trap. Just because it says trap doesn’t mean it has to be violent, drug dealing or evil. Trap is a feeling, and I understand that feeling due to the fact I went through most of it and seen most of it,” says Sauceman.

This is his first project that he is releasing. Even though he has been producing music for fifteen plus years, Sauceman has never put out a project. He has always felt like timing is everything and he never felt that as a producer, he was prepared to put out a project, particularly due to the fact your first project could make or break you. He says that hes now no longer someone that looks at situations like Yea I did this so Im putting it out anyways because, thatll give you poor results and your appearance and the way you present yourself means everything.”

He feels that producers arent overlooked because it’s 50/50. You get as much credit as the artist if you create the beat. All producers do not make beats, some produce the song and tell people what to do.” Sauceman says that sooner or later he’ll attain that level, however he’ll in no way forestall making his own beats and he doesnt care how much money that hell make, its about bringing a feeling that hes experienced into fruition.

He started out making one beat every other week and now he understands music more. Jeremy has been around music for years, he has industry people coaching him telling him what to do and what not to do. He takes their recommendations and applies it. If it don’t apply, let it fly,” says Sauceman . He creates up to 11–33 beats a week, 10 minimal obligatory out of the 33, he can also additionally use nine of them, his other beats may be good to other people but to him they havent made the final cut.

Be sure to follow up with Sauceman Keys on Instagram @Saucemankeys and look out for The Art Of Trap”

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