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Home Care LINK Helps Keep Loved Ones at Home




JB Holeman, founder of Home Care LINK, knows how stressful it can be to have an aging loved one first-hand. Add to that the worries of providing superior home care while living in a different state. This situation is all too familiar for many busy families struggling to live, work, and care for aging loved ones.

As with many parental caregivers, it was essential to Holeman to keep his mother at home to avoid the disorientation and depression that could occur if he sent her to a hospital or nursing facility. However, he was frustrated with the lack of information his mother’s doctors and home healthcare providers were communicating. And his mother was not always an accurate source of information, either. It seemed to Holeman that getting a truthful, timely answer from anyone was nearly impossible.

Holeman’s inability to get adequate home care with good communication led him to pursue and develop Home Care LINK – a telecare service that connects the responsible family member with the loved one and caregiver on-demand, in real-time. This instant connection provides the family member with valuable information and peace of mind.

Home Care LINK can also report regular updates on the loved one’s status, immediate alerts for critical situations, and alerts if the caregiver does not arrive as scheduled. This system can also keep vital health records, such as blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Additionally, Home Care LINK allows the caregiver to take and send photos to the family for documentation, such as an injury, refusal to take medications, or possibly uneaten meals.

The camera can also record a loved one’s moods as insight into their mental wellbeing. Holeman believes receiving this accurate, real-time information can prevent ER visits and hospitalizations by catching problems before they escalate and before the loved one’s condition deteriorates.

Why is home care the best choice for aging parents? Older adults who stay home experience less depression than those in hospitals and nursing homes. Holeman says this depression is due to being forced out of a familiar, long-time residence and having to endure new people and new routines. Those who move out of the home experience a more significant loss of independence, also triggering depression.

Additionally, family members who choose to remove a parent from their home often experience an extreme sense of guilt. Home Care LINK allows the parent to remain in familiar surroundings, and it gives the caregiving family members peace of mind and less guilt.

Holeman has discovered that his system is not only useful for family members who manage a loved one’s care, but also can be a vital resource for businesses that employ home healthcare workers. Home Care LINK is the added security a care provider needs to document that they give excellent care. And caregivers who work for a company that uses Home Care LINK will feel secure knowing clients have access to updated reports of the care they provide, as well as the hours they worked.

When it comes to our loved ones’ care, safety, and happiness, most people want the best. Selected as a technology integration finalist, Holeman’s Home Care LINK is solving critical issues associated with caring for aging loved ones. Home Care LINK is the level of care and protection your family members deserve.

JB Holeman’s Home Care LINK is the innovative technology you’ve been waiting for. You’ll feel good about keeping your aging loved ones at home with superior communication monitoring, like Home Care LINK.

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