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Rhythm of Relation: How Artist Kyy Stacks Connects Through Music




A musician is tasked with creating work that resonates with an audience.  Many times, the success that follows is directly correlated to the level of that connection. South Bronx singer, songwriter, and rapper Kyy Stacks has a unique ability to do this through her past. 

In a personal interview, Kyy Stacks spoke to her experiences growing up and becoming exposed to music.  She explains, “When I was growing up, I had many musical influences in my life. My mom always sang around the house, and while I don’t necessarily listen to the music she likes, I think her taste in music definitely affected my desire to be an artist. I love listening to music that I can relate to. When I was younger, I had to struggle, and I try to put all that pain I have experienced into my music because I think that other people will relate to it.” 

This life experience drives the personal interactions Kyy Stacks has with her fans as well saying, “I think that the most rewarding part of my job is definitely interacting with my fans. During every show, I try to go into the audience to talk with my fans and show love to them because I feel like they genuinely connect with me. I think taking pictures with my fans will give them an experience that they will take with them forever, and they’ll be a lifelong fan.”

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