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The Midnight Mission Is Asking You To #Spoon To Help Feed The Homeless




COVID-19 has hit everyone across California in different ways. Some harder than others. But one group of people that are being hit “hard” and are at risk in more ways than just getting the virus is the homeless community.

The Midnight Mission, which was founded in 1914 and based in Los Angeles, California, has been offering a path to self-sufficiency to men, women, and children experiencing homelessness. And during COVID-19, their staff, partners and donors have been working overtime to ensure the homeless community is not only keeping safe, but has access to meals.

As their mission statement says, “We believe that everyone deserves to live with dignity no matter what they’ve been through, and our multi-faceted approach to homeless services helps our community members make the changes that last.”

And so, during these trying times, the organization has been thinking outside of the box and bringing in new strategies to raise awareness to bring in donations to help pay for food and other items this community needs.

Keeping that thought in mind, The Midnight Mission decided earlier this week to partner with Redline Steel in creating a cool steel spoon item that has their logo on it and can be hung in your kitchen as a means to remember that there are some people who live day to day without a good meal. The item has been a huge hit since its launch with countless celebrities like Comedy Central “Roastmaster General” Jeffrey Ross, NBC Songland winner Greg Scott, Playboy Playmate of the Year Kennedy Summers, retired NFL player Bret Lockett, actress Natasha Marc and social media star Krystle Lina all ordering spoons (which start at $25) and showing them off across their fan channels to raise awareness.

Jeffrey Ross wrote: “Me & Nana are always well fed. But not everyone is so lucky. Today my pals at LA’s @themidnightmission are asking me to let my fans know about their steel spoon campaign (shaped like the Midnight Mission logo) to raise awareness and donations that can make a difference between someone in LA getting the food they need, or going hungry.”

The spoons are made fully 100% in America through Redline Steel, the largest customized steel monogram company that is both Veteran-owned and operated. The company is also no stranger to helping those in need, as its founder Colin Wayne has recently done incredible give-backs during COVID-19 to essential workers, farmers, teachers and others across the country. They even recently partnered with actress Megan Fox for a Memorial Day give back that raised over $2.5 million in product sales for families of Veterans.

But now the focus has shifted to the homeless here in California, and the hope of the Midnight Mission and its partners are that the #LetsSpoon / #FeedTheHomeless campaign can help make a big difference and help those in need through these difficult times.

You can help contribute and get a cool spoon of your own in multiple colors by clicking here.

With experience as a full-time environmentalist and part time journalist, Lisa heads the post of editor at California Herald. She covers all the significant proceedings in the world of Environment while editing all the news pieces posted over the website to ensure everything aligns with the journalistic format.

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