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Revolutionizing the Hip Hop scene, BenFly’s abundant talent in music and its marketing has garnered him respect and success




Be it creating a hashtag to facilitate hip-hop artists, or be it his creativity to raise the bar with every new album, BenFlys attitude has made him an evolved artist.

Blake Glenn a.k.a. BenFly is a bonafide Hip Hop star in America who after ten years of experience in the industry has created a fantastic legacy. BenFly represents Oceanside, California along with Phoenix, Arizona, and has garnered thousands of fans across the globe. He is a talented artist, who, through his art, has not only developed a dedicated following of fans but has also got respect and recognition from the industry.

With a middle-class upbringing, BenFly always used to look at the positive side of things; he knew the reality but was filled with optimism. So when he fell in love with hip hop music, he started writing lyrics for creating his music. BenFly did it just out of his sheer passion for the Hip Hop genre. In the lyrics, he mixed his struggles, aspirations, and vision for a beautiful, peaceful world. That struck a chord with the listeners. People felt that someone from them had created the music. BenFlys power is his simplistic yet compelling narrative of the song. BenFly worked on his songs, taking inspiration from legendary artists like Notorious B.I.G., Currensy, and Snoop Dogg.

Songs like Dinero”, Regular”, showcased his energetic yet thoughtful music, while songs like Business Man” and 9-5” showed his witty side. One of his music videos “GSMF” amassed more than 500 thousand views on YouTube. BenFly strives to deliver hard-hitting and memorable music along with clever marketing skills. BenFly learned with his experience that one needs to market their art properly for it to reach its desired audience. The marketing aspect in his music boomed his market value and his music has generated a new global audience. BenFly created the popular hashtag – AZWayTooActive, which caught on brilliantly as it became a source of networking for the urban artists to promote their music to fellow AZ hip-hop enthusiasts on the social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc.

BenFly has also garnered the attention of hip-hop DX, Elevator, Power 98.3 in Phoenix, Phoenix New Times. Getting invites to the prestigious Arizona Hip Hop Festival, or performing alongside Kid Ink at SXSW, BenFlys journey has given him fame, money, and reputable success, so with his new album 1919”, BenFly wishes to push the envelope even further with his revolutionary music.

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