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Kyle Klosowski’s Credit Company Seeks to Educate Individuals and Change Their Lives




Kyle Klosowski

Credit 101 is an elite credit company that helps people get a second chance at life

Kyle Klosowski is what many would consider to be a “classic” success story. As someone who started his first job earning a living at New York Pizza Department, you would not expect him to later become a multi-millionaire who drastically changes people’s lives on a regular basis. The struggle was prevalent growing up with a single mother on disability. Klosowski was always interested in motorcycles and every detail related to them. Realizing he wasn’t doing what he loved, he then began reevaluating what he wanted to do in his life. Buying motorcycle parts wasn’t cheap, and in the beginning, he didn’t have good credit or sufficient funds to buy expensive pieces with the income he was making.

Klosowski began to get interested in the idea of helping people with their credit scores. Already having a big heart and love for family, he was naturally driven to help others. Instead of spending $100,000 on a degree he was not interested in, he decided to use his good credit to buy and sell motorcycle parts for a profit. 

He learned along with his struggle the need for love for what he does and how to do it successfully by knowing his strengths and building his team around his weaknesses. You can only go so far alone. Again, growing up with a single mom on disability pushed him to want more and gave him a huge heart and love for family. 

Working at New York Pizza Department supplied Klosowski with a great work ethic, an amazing mentor, and a love for running a business. He knew that getting to where you want to be does not happen overnight. He emphasizes that working at restaurants helped him develop excellent customer service skills, and retail helped him with marketing and automation systems. 

Klosowski never would have founded and pursued a company such as Credit 101 if not given the difficult circumstances and lifestyle experiences. Credit 101 gives people a second chance, and their mission is to not only achieve better credit for their clients, but to educate the mass majority of the financially illiterate, giving the opportunity for true financial freedom and purchasing power. Now with over 9 years of experience, Klosowski and his team have transformed their credit repair platform by wholeheartedly fighting for their clients with their industry-leading techniques. They have lifted the heavy weight of debt from thousands of clients, helping them to achieve their lifelong goals. 

Credit 101 has become such a success and a huge part of Klosowski’s life. He is currently working on an automated credit repair company that others can purchase without needing prior knowledge of the credit industry. He is thrilled to help other people become successful entrepreneurs, and supply them with the knowledge needed to help people using his teams’ money-making methods.

Kyle Klosowski is someone who always strives to help others and make the world a better place. He is definitely someone to watch out for, as he has some big plans in store for 2020 as well as many years to come.

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