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Revealed: Find Out How Entrepreneurship Skills Enhances Barbers Expertise in Handling Clients With Vicblends




Victor knew from the word go that he was meant for higher levels, and with his unique approach, he was bound to break loose from his obstacles. He was born and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, a small cozy town that was popularly known to have scarce resources that hardly met its dwellers’ basic requirements. Nevertheless, Victor overcame the odds and became one of the first barber influencers to receive an endorsement deal with health and beauty conglomerate Conair. He has become the most sought after celebrity barbers in hip hop. His cosmetology clients include basketball stars D’Angelo Russell, Trae Young, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball team, and Dennis Smith Jr as well as hip hop stars Lil Baby, Nelly, and NLE Choppa. 

Victor Fontanez Strategic Business Approach

Victor, unlike other barbers, took his time to learn as much as he could before delving into the business. His strategic approach was mainly focused on understanding the few tricks entrepreneurs use to attract a vast base of clients and how well he could incorporate it into his barber business. One of the greatest lessons Victor shares is the need to connect with your clients beyond business. The communication skills and tone need to be aligned so that it speaks volume and perfectly blends with specific clients. Get to learn how to engage with your customer from different levels, such as business perspective, hobbies, or politics but on a professional level to avoid misunderstanding. 

Secondly, develop a positive attitude to critics, whether positive or negative. In one way, you will learn to perfect your skills based on the client’s reviews, and on the other hand, you will find it easy to develop strong mental resilience. The approach will help you create a thick skin, primarily due to being exposed to the online platform. 

Thirdly, learn to focus on enhancing your brand name and building a strong shield around it. Over the past year, Vic Blends’ followers have been targeted by scammers who have been impersonating his likeness. A quick search online, specifically on Instagram, shows that more than ten accounts utilize his likeness, including vicblends910, vicblendsss, vic.blendss, to highlight a few. 

Lastly, It is your business idea, and it is of paramount importance to fully own the opinion. If you are not convinced of the business’s prosperity, chances are you won’t be confident enough to spread over the vibes to your target clients. Therefore as a beginner, you need to push yourself off your comfort zones, stretch over your schedule if need be, and learn to persevere even during tough times.

Take Away Tip

‘The secret of getting ahead is getting started,’ which therefore leaves all aspirants to take the initial steps to disrupt the market. As much as it may feel that the market is saturated, innovations, and unique touch create a complete change in the environment. Victor Fontanez, therefore, encourages you to take the challenge to make a difference. 

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