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Renowned Negotiator Marshall Wilkinson Sets Out to Help Entrepreneurs Rebuild




All successful people, at some point in their life, have sought out the advice of another individual to help them process concerns, issues, and business decisions. Master negotiator, sales consultant, and coach Marshall Wilkinson believes that working closely with a mentor helps people make better decisions in life, strengthens their game and helps one navigate the treacherous waters of business and entrepreneurship. With the current pandemic affecting businesses and employment tremendously, Marshall is offering to coach entrepreneurs, executives, contractors, and salespeople so they can either rebuild the business they lost due to the pandemic or increase their overall sales performance. 

While others have found a way to thrive amid the pandemic, there are still many who are suffering in the dark, not knowing how to revive either a dying business or a hopeless investment. Marshall Wilkinson has been more than willing to listen to his clients’ dilemmas, help them process their situation and come up with innovative solutions. As a consultant and coach, he is committed to journey with his clients in this new season of their lives. 

“The onset of COVID-19 was a big motivator for me to help get people back in the game and perform their absolute best, to equip them with the skills necessary to keep their business afloat and put themselves in a position to thrive. I have a unique skill-set and have had the advantage of being in business at a high level, with experience that few ever get to benefit from,” Marshall Wilkinson shares. 

Some of Marshall’s most notable achievements in his career involve being Managing Partner at Saxum Capital, Director and COO of Eldor Contracting Corp., and Vice President of Nautilus Consulting. Due to his unique experience as a company executive, Marshall has the ability to see things from a different perspective, which most entrepreneurs tend to overlook. 

Joining his online community gives members access to his weekly audio’s via email. One-on-one coaching everyday for four weeks is available for those who wish to fast-track their learning and compress time. Once a member joins the online portal, they enjoy lifetime access to all of Marshall Wilkinson’s videos, audios, workbooks, and community of coaching clients to meet and network.

Whether or not the world will continue to feel the drastic impact of the pandemic in the incoming months and years, Marshall sees himself coaching entrepreneurs and salespeople to help them grow their business and become top producers. He believes in the value of imparting real-world battle tested negotiation and sales skills to others who are carving out a path for themselves and trying to rise from an economic tragedy. By sharing his priceless 15-years of experience in successful negotiations on some of the largest construction contracts in the world, he hopes to inspire other entrepreneurs to be more aggressive in pursuing their goals and gain the necessary skills to dominate in their industry and sector.

Aside from coaching, Marshall Wilkinson looks forward to doing more speaking engagements, masterminds, publications, and television appearances to inspire people to gain the appropriate skills and commit to reaching their full potential.

Learn more about Marshall Wilkinson by visiting his website. Follow him on Instagram for updates. 

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